Moving forward

It feels really good to be alive. So many lives have been lost over the most minute of situations. It makes me think of all the sticky situations I found myself in—confirming that it was only God that allowed me to live today. People can only control what they can. That’s the power of choice.

There is so much more to accomplish.



Every country in the world has been divided and conquered. Every country has fought and there has been a winner and loser of that country….slavery also. The loser deals with the fact that they lost or they look for a rematch and fight! That applies in every day life, but for someone reason, many blacks hold on to the fact that they lost and do absolutely nothing but complain about it. Blacks are the most defiant group of people against a particular group of race (whites), but will then ask them for hand outs everyday (jobs, welfare, food, clothes, technology, cars…Dodge Chargers/Ford Crown Vics with rims helping out that white man you speak so negatively about pay his bills). We have nothing of our own that we can fall back on…yet we sit back and complain how bad we got it? Those blacks that are speaking this today are angry at something, they themselves, didn’t have to experience. So instead of hating them and blaming my downfall on “white supremacy”, which gives them more power just by saying the words “white supremacy”, I focus on living the best life that I can. I’ll get the nice car, the clothes, the family, etc. Why would I ever want to go “back” to Africa”? That’s not my continent and most of the African blacks hate American blacks (because of our mentality and stereotypical way of life) #fact. When a small group of people can override a country, persuade people of another country to sell them slaves to help build a country that they took over, enslave the people that were purchased, get them dependent on welfare, divide the families, etc….they’re pretty damn smart. Blacks of today, will focus more on what was done to them way back in the earlier centuries as opposed to how Shaniqua decided to have 5 kids by five different men and use the system as an excuse to not work…everyone has to feel sorry for Shaniqua “Peaches” Jackson and her five kids because of the “white folks”. Bone’tevion “Pookie” Washington was asked by the police to exit the vehicle. He said naw I’m scared and tried to drag the police officer by driving away…disobeying a lawful order. It’s the “white man’s” fault as well if he gets shot to death. The protests in the black community will never seem to talk about how we are killing each other over a pair sneakers or some female that decided to get two men fighting over her. There will never seem to be a black female coalition formed that says, “Hey let’s stop having sex with thugs and ain’t shit niggas and producing kids with them so that we can become single mothers and raise more defiant people such as ourselves and the thugs we laid down for”. Where is our intelligence folks? Were we stripped of our intelligence? Think about how sad it is that most “pro blacks” are destroying their own communities with music, drugs, sex, guns, the language, lack of wanting to learn, etc. #ChangeInTheBlackMentalityIsNeeded

Relationship Status

The reason I share this is to maybe help men treat their woman better. Most of us all know what to do to make our woman happy, but we just choose to do our own thing. This eats away at our woman’s heart until she is in the arms of another man OR even a woman (these days) that will fill that void we failed to fulfill. Some women are scorned with hate and will take it out on the next guy (not that we care about the next guy). We may try to act tough but behind closed doors we hurt in the end. We lose out on the opportunity to have a stable relationship. One that is genuine. If you love that woman…show it 100% of the time. #respect #ImGuilty #learning #love

Life Happens.

So, I’ve lost my job dealing with a customer that would not treat me with respect. It is a major set back. I’ve learned something from this though. No matter how upset someone makes you, never let them determine your employment status. They only want to tear you down until you have reached their level. The cliche that comes to mind is “think before you act”. Your thoughtless actions WILL cost you. #think #change #succeed


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. A lot of changes have been made. I have an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in IT. God has also blessed me with a car that is much more reliable. I have a new woman. We’ve been going strong for almost a year.

Stress has taken a bit of a toll on me though. Smoking cigarettes does nothing, but make it worse, so I have quit that disgusting habit altogether.

I’m currently in the healing process after having surgery on my right eye…detached retina. It has been about 4 days of pain. I believe God has a purpose for me. He put my mother in my life and she has really shown me how much she cares.

My lady and I went to the Mercedes dealership on Sunday. Those cars were beautiful! After reviewing the sticker prices on the E63 AMG, the search for a better job/career continues. Success is a must.

thoughts of today

School is stressful as usual, but it’s nothing a little studying can’t fix.

How about Apple? they just released a slew of product updates. The new iPad Mini, iPad 4, etc. I’m slightly annoyed by it though. I just purchased my ipad 3 near the beginning of September and wasn’t expecting to see another ipad until Spring ’13 (the normal iPad release schedule). Oh well, as far as I can “see” there were not any significant visual changes made. Shame on you Apple. Lol!


I’m welcoming myself to a new year of change. I recently turned 25 years old – page 25. I believe blogging will provide myself a way to deal with stress. Perhaps, I’ll recieve feedback from others but, most importantly, the ability to release all negative and positive aspects of my experiences in writing. The key is not to let feelings build up inside. Sometimes talking to people is just not enough. People listening to your circumstances may tend to interject before you finish or maybe they see you as a bother and wish not to concern themselves with your issues. Some might see you as a complainer – “don’t bring me down” type of thing. True it may seem as if you may have no one to talk to but, there are ways around every situation. You, as the individual must be determined to discover your purpose in life. Follow that purpose and reach out as far as you can to grasp it.

For me, the time is now. Far too much time has been wasted in school. Simply blaming my lack of concentration is not a good enough excuse for failing classes. In all honesty, there is no excuse. I was f%*king lazy and yes I’m ashamed to admit it. I have a lot to overcome for my poor financial decisions and poor career choices.

the Journey.